We are One!
Summer Camp


Between 20th-25th of June, T.I.E.F and Transylvania College Foundation organized the We are One! Summer Camp. The camp was dedicated to Ukrainian children and their mothers. During the camp, there were organized different activities to talk about the experiences they faced, their emotions and their needs. Fun and creative activities brought an atmosphere of a summer camp feeling safe and loved.

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Tapestry Intergenerational Education Foundation (TIEF) is a non-profit corporation in Minnesota that helps people of all ages learn about the world around them.

TIEF was formed and will be run only for charitable, literary, and educational purposes including the purpose of making distributions to organizations.

The purpose of our organisation is to promote and support the education, empowering global wellbeing of children, youth, and adults, to support MyndeLab, virtual education platform and its creative content, literacy, peer to peer mentoring to weave together creativity, inspiration and belonging, and to support and conduct non-partisan research, education, and informational activities to increasepublic awareness of mental health, not to limit the ability of the Corporation to carry out any other charitable, literary, and educational purposes.