“I Think I Have the Best Job in the World!” – Adrian Fisher’s Journey into the Hidden World of Maze Design

Adrian Fisher: The Hidden World of Maze Design | TEDxCluj

I am very lucky that I have a hedge maze in my garden!” This is how Adrian Fisher begins his captivating TEDx talk in Cluj, instantly drawing the audience into his world.

Adrian Fisher, an esteemed board member of TIEF, shares a lifetime of fascination with mazes, a passion that was sparked in his childhood. During an exclusive interview with TIEF, Fisher was asked, “Can you share the spark or story that set you on this path?” He fondly recalls how his father encouraged him to build a maze in their garden, igniting a lifelong enthusiasm. “That was over 40 years ago,” he says with a smile, reflecting on a career that has since taken him around the globe.


Adrian Fisher captivating the audience at TEDx Cluj

Instead of following an academic path, Adrian Fisher’s early career took him through various industries including printing, telephone exchange, and undersea cable industries. His role was to review production methods and improve productivity. However, Adrian yearned for something different. He wanted to “jump into the cold, icy water and go into the world creating mazes,” a decision that has defined his remarkable career.

The love for mazes and networks stems from a childhood desire to explore, a desire he believes influences our adult lives and careers. This sentiment resonates deeply in his TEDx talk titled “Intense Acts of Creation,” where he highlights how fulfilling work brings happiness. According to Adrian, mazes are crucial to the happiness of mankind, offering a unique blend of challenge and joy.

Over his 40-year career, Fisher has built over 700 mazes in 43 different countries. “Every project I do is unique,” he says, comparing himself to a bee going from flower to flower, each project representing a new and exciting creation. His approach to maze design is playful yet professional, underscoring the importance of creativity in his work. “The more playful I am, the more effective I am,” Fisher asserts.


The Marlborough Maze at Blenheim Palace, UK designed by Adrian Fisher. 
Image from mazemaker.com

He emphasizes the importance of partnerships in his projects. A successful maze design, he believes, requires collaboration and mutual satisfaction between him and his clients. This collaborative spirit ensures that every maze is not only a physical structure but also a shared creative journey.

Adrian’s inspiration often comes from stories. In his talk, he showcases a maze inspired by “Alice in Wonderland,” rich with symbolic elements. He challenges the audience to identify the various symbols within the maze, a testament to the intricate and thoughtful design behind each of his creations.


Adventure Wonderland Maze. Image from Great Big Story

As we celebrate Adrian Fisher’s incredible journey, we invite you to explore the enchanting world of maze design. Try to identify as many symbols as you can from his "Alice in Wonderland" maze and experience the magic that Fisher brings to every project. His dedication and creative spirit are truly inspiring, making the world a more playful and happy place, one maze at a time.


You can find out more about Adrian Fisher and his work on mazemaker.com.

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