“Creating Joy Through Mazes” – An Interview with Adrian Fisher


"It's a very powerful group of people who share a common idea," says Adrian Fisher, reflecting on his collaboration with the Tapestry Intergenerational Education Foundation (TIEF). This partnership, which began during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2021, has blossomed into a series of impactful projects, including the "6 Feet Apart" initiative, which provided a platform for teenagers to share their pandemic experiences. Another heartfelt project is the creation of the coloring book "Blue and Yellow - Hope for Ukraine" to support refugee children in Romania. Recently, Adrian shared his journey and insights in an exclusive interview, shedding light on his TEDx talk in Cluj and his philosophy on work, ethics, and his unique vocation.

World's biggest hedge maze is created by Adrian Fisher - Daily Echo

Adrian Fisher, a globally renowned maze designer, recalls his entry into the world of mazes from a very young age. This early interest evolved from a hobby into a profession. Reflecting on his extensive career, Adrian often asks himself, “Out of all things I have done in 30-40 years, what are the things that really jump out, the things that made a real difference?” For Adrian, maze design is not just a job; it’s a passion. He takes immense pride in his work, striving for perfection in every project because he believes that a project should be “perfect, rather than good.”

In his TEDx talk titled "Intense Acts of Creation," Adrian delves into the fulfillment that comes from fully committing to a creative vision. He emphasizes that it's not enough to have ideas; one must bring them to life with dedication and precision. This concept underscores the importance of turning abstract concepts into tangible realities that can make a real difference. Adrian’s philosophy is about building and doing something that you love while being “true to your vocation.”

Adrian’s journey from a maze enthusiast to a creator and TEDx speaker exemplifies the power of passion, dedication, and the support of a like-minded community. His collaboration with TIEF continues to thrive, driven by a shared commitment to creating meaningful experiences and exploring creativity. Adrian reflects, "It's a profound joy to transform ideas into reality."

When asked about his TEDx talk experience, Adrian shared that it was not his first, having previously spoken in America about the pursuit of happiness. The invitation to speak at TEDx Cluj came through a TIEF board member, Simona Baciu,  who recognized his unique perspective on creativity and urged him to share his insights. Preparing for the talk required months of intense preparation, but it was incredibly rewarding. Adrian found support and encouragement in TIEF's board members, reinforcing the collaborative spirit that defines his work.


„Blue and Yellow – Hope for Ukraine” coloring book, designed by Adrian Fisher

Adrian describes the creative process as a roller coaster of emotions, requiring one to stay true to their vision despite the ups and downs. He stresses the importance of never compromising on quality, always striving to create something superb. This dedication to excellence is what makes his work stand out and has left a profound impact on those who experience his mazes.

In reflecting on his career, Adrian speaks passionately about the concept of "intense acts of creation." These moments, he says, are the highlights that make a career memorable. Whether it's building a maze in a historic estate or creating a unique project for a community, these acts of creation are what give his work meaning and joy.

Adrian's advice to others about making a lasting impact is to ensure that their work gets built. It’s essential to win the hearts and minds of those involved, secure the necessary resources, and create something unique that stands out. For Adrian, every project is an opportunity to create something never seen before, bringing joy and fulfillment to himself and others.

Adrian Fisher’s journey is a testament to the power of creativity and the importance of following one's passion. His collaboration with TIEF and his work as a maze designer continue to inspire and make a difference, proving that when you do what you love, you truly have the best job in the world

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Adrian and Florentin, meeting for the first time, in Cluj-Napoca

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