6 Feet Apart: A TIEF Youth Initiative on Mental Health

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6 Feet Apart

Introducing '6 Feet Apart' — TIEF's first accomplished book project, fostering mental health among youth. Authored by Noah Shapiro and crafted with the collaboration of the    6 Feet Apart Team: Edie Myhre, Cassandra Zart, Samantha Rosser, Asia Rae Smith, Julia Goldstein, Amani Simon and Elif Ak, this book is a beacon of hope and understanding for teens navigating emotional health during challenging times.

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'6 Feet Apart' delves into the intricate tapestry of five core emotions experienced during the unprecedented global pandemic. Through heartfelt expressions of anxiety, fear, anger, sadness, and happiness, this book offers a profound insight into the teen psyche, providing solace and understanding.

Meet the authors

Dearest Teens,

Thank you for your hard work - expressing your emotions and sharing them, especially in this difficult time during the pandemic of Covid 19. You have done amazing things for your peers and for yourself. Sharing is caring!

Dear Adults,

Love is not enough.

Please, listen and learn from children and teens. This is the best way to help them and all of us during these most difficult times. I cordially recommend the book 6 Feet Apart and the path the teens took by sharing their stories. It can become a crucial way of preventing mental health concerns. Expressing our emotions in our own way is therapeutic and sharing them is a gift to all of us!

- Associate Professor Dr. Mira Polazarevska, Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, International Balkan University Republic of North Macedonia
In the past year, the corporate world has experienced heightened emotional upheavals from the COVID-19 pandemic. One would think leaders and adults around the world would have developed a coping mechanism. This book, written by teenagers, captures five core emotions— anxiety, fear, anger, sadness, and happiness. Noah and his colleagues demonstrate an awareness of their feelings and their ability to communicate and manage them in times of distress. This team of teenagers have produced a book that appeals to all demographics, provoking thoughts on how people worldwide can deal with emotions. Indeed, it is a platform for all of us, especially young people, to learn, connect, and address our emotional experiences even beyond the pandemic, including emotions from wars, famine, abuse, etc.
- Jean Claude Abeck
President, Africa Center for Strategic Progress
This amazing book is such a necessary resource for children, teachers and parents at a very sensitive time when COVID spins everyone’s emotions beyond control. Reading what children have gone through and how they have dealt with the 6 feet heartache and pain at so many levels in a world that no longer makes sense should make us all more aware, sensitive, enriched and encouraged. I have been blessed to know Susan Shapiro for 2 decades and her presence has touched my life in so many beautiful ways. Her constant and passionate commitment to help others is at work in 6 feet and she gave confidence to the authors to document their emotions and help others in these historic times. Connecting her with Florentin has been a great joy for me and seeing an American-Romanian team doing such valuable and practical work for all us feels my heart.
- Nadia Crisan
Executive Director The Liechtenstein Institute on Self-Determination School of Public and International Affairs, Princeton University
The approach taken by the 6 Feet Apart team is distinctively personalized and authentic. Reading this as a teen, I was amazed at the relatability of this book. The perspectives of other kids my age provided me with relief and learning opportunities, unlike so many other books with the same intent. If there is anything that can aid in the struggles endured by teens throughout the pandemic, its other like-minded teenagers sharing and connecting through art, experience, and vulnerability.
- Ari Levin, Age 17 Chevy Chase, Maryland
6 Feet Apart is a fantastic book for teenagers all over the world. I am from South Africa and I know that teenagers there, like all throughout the world are suffering from the trauma of Covid. I highly recommend this book!
- Lauren Prince
South Africa
6 Ft. Apart is both inspiring and instructional. These youth have given us a beautiful work that is born of isolation and rises above it. But they have given us so much more. They have firmly established the power of connection and the ability of youth to self -organize in response to the challenges they face. They have shown us what it means to have an authentic relationship with adult allies and have succeeded in leaving all who met them a little more positive about our future.
- Joanne Cashman. Ed. D. Education Consultant and former Director of the IDEA Partnership at The National Association of State Directors of Special Education (NASDSE)
I am so impressed with the Six Feet Apart team who contributed to his book! Eight youth that did not know each other came together to talk about their experience during the pandemic. They wrote a brilliant book about emotions that will inspire other youth and adults across the globe.
- Mariola Rosser, Ed.D.
George Washington University
Ever since my first contact with the 6 Feet Apart team I was mesmerized by each member. They were so different for each other and yet they managed to get together as a team and work towards building this project. It was truly inspirational to see how some teenagers who’ve never met each other, gathered their strengths and formed a place where everybody could express their emotions through art, whether that was writing, drawing or music.

Our weekly meetings lead to building up a non-judgemental platform, where we were able to relate to one another. Nevertheless, we were able to explore how we are the same and how we differ, from a cultural point of view. Thus bringing our creativity to another level. I am really thankful to have met such open minded and empathic people.

For me personally, the experience of writing these para- graphs was therapeutic and it felt like a great introspection period of time. Reading and catching up with my colleagues really strengthened our bond. Knowing how they perceive certain emotions, finding out about their experiences and acknowledging similarities really managed to get the team together.
- Ștefania Butucaru
Student at Transylvania College Public Relations
I have a particular interest in culture and connecting people internationally, and it has been my pleasure to witness all of the hard work that this team has put into developing their resources on emotions to connect students around the globe. Books such 6 Feet Apart are so pivotal for students especially at this time because it promotes emotional intelligence and healthy coping mechanisms. Additionally, it conveys these messages in a real, relatable fashion do students around the world can know that they are not alone.

Noah Shapiro

Thank you to my Nana. Without my Nana’s help I couldn’t have done this book. She is also an author herself, so she has taught me so much through the process of writing 6 Feet Apart I’m very grateful for that. My Nana would help out when there was a lack of motivation, and she always would demonstrate kindness, no matter the situation or a tough time it would not change who the kind, loving, caring person she is. My Nana was not only a role model when writing this book but a role model in my life.

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6 Feet Apart
Noah Shapiro, Edie Myhre, Cassandra Zart, Samantha Rosser, Asia Rae Smith, Julia Goldstein, Amani Simon, Elif Ak

Join us on this profound journey of emotional discovery. Read '6 Feet Apart', share the experiences, and be a part of our ongoing mission to support youth well-being.

TIEF is dedicated to weaving together creativity, inspiration, and belonging. '6 Feet Apart' is a testament to our commitment. For more information and to support our initiatives, reach out to us.


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